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View and Work with a Session

There are two ways to view and work with dCloud content items:

To view and work with an active session:

  1. Open My Hub > Sessions.
  2. Find the session you want to work with.
  3. The session starts provisioning at the scheduled date and time.
  4. Once the session is active the View button is displayed. Click View to work with the session.
  5. The active session opens to the Topology view.
  6. Start working with the session by clicking any link or device icon.

To view an Instant Demo:

If you previously saved an Instant Demo as a favorite, go to My Hub > Favorites, find the Instant Demo item, and then click View.

  1. To find a new Instant Demo content item, on the dCloud menu click Catalog.
  2. Expand the Content Categories section and then check the Instant Demo checkbox.
  3. Find the Instant Demo you want to view.
  4. Click View.

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