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Provision Phone Using Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CallManager)

If this is the first time you are connecting IP Phones to a router configured for Cisco dCloud, it may reboot several times and take 20 minutes or more to update the firmware and register.

Follow the steps below to provision your IP Phones using Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager).

  1. In the dCloud UI, verify your session is active.
  2. From behind the router, go to (or if you are unable to connect using the DNS name).
  3. Continue to the website and allow or accept any prompts to trust site.
  4. Login with the following credentials: Username: administrator, Password: C1sco12345.
  5. Expand Device > Phone, then:
    • Enter search criteria to locate the device for the preconfigured user for your demonstration, and click Find.
    • Look for your device and your demonstration user in the search results.
    • Click the Device Name (Line) link in the device row to open the phone configuration window.>Enter the MAC Address.  No other updates are needed.
    • Click Save.
    • Click OK on Message from webpage window.
    • Click Apply Config.
    • Click OK on the Apply Configuration window.
  6. Repeat step 5, above, for each preconfigured user associated with provisioned phone(s) in the demonstration. This information can be found in the Demonstration Preparation section of the demonstration script.
  7. Click Logout to exit Cisco Unified CM Administration.
  8. Connect the Cisco IP phone camera to the phone, if applicable to the scenario you are demonstrating.
  9. Connect the phone to an available switch port on the router.
  10. Your phone will reset and register.
  11. The phone display will change from the Cisco logo, to Phone Not Registered, and finally you will see the preconfigured user’s name and information on the display.