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Provision Access Points for Cisco 819W Router

To ensure an efficient demonstration, you must provision the endpoints for the associated Cisco 819W router.

  1. Log in to Workstation1 using session-specific credentials. As your login username, enter the username you used to log in to Cisco dCloud or the generic username dcloud, and as your password, enter the session ID.

    Login Credentials

  2. Provision your 3000, 2000, or 1000 Series AP or your integrated 819W AP.
    NOTE: If using an endpoint router, this step only needs to be completed once. It is HIGHLY recommended to use an endpoint router. Without an endpoint router, the AP must be re-provisioned with the new demo WLC IP address every time you schedule a new demo.

    Figure 2. Endpoint AP in Wireless TabWireless2

  3. Verify that your AP is in FlexConnect mode:
    1. From the WLC, click WIRELESS in the menu bar.
    2. Click your AP.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. Make sure AP Mode is set to FlexConnect and click Apply.

    Figure 3. AP Mode set to FlexConnectAP Mode Flex Connect