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Extend a Session Up to 5 Days

While a session is active, you can change its end date and time to extend the session duration. A session can be active up to a total of 5 consecutive days if the host data center has sufficient resources to support it.

For details about session extension policies and session extensions longer than 5 days, refer to Scheduling Extended Sessions.

To extend an active session:

  1. Open My Hub > Sessions.
  2. Find the active session you want to extend.
  3. Click Edit.
    Extend Session
  4. In the Edit pane, you can update the Session Name (a) if you want, and then select or enter a later End date and time (b) for the session that is no longer than 5 days from the session start.
    Edit Session Details
  5. Click Update (c).
  6. The session information refreshes to show the updated session name, and changed end date and time.
    Extended Session