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Enable Your Country

Follow the steps below to ensure your country is enabled for use in the Unified Access Hosted Demo. Multiple countries are NOT enabled to avoid issues in your demo.

  1. Navigate to the Wireless Controller located at
  2. Login with session specific information.  The username is the name used to log in to the dCloud UI and the password is the session ID. You can obtain this information from the Session Details section of your active demo. The generic username of dcloud is also provided, and can be used with the unique session ID as password, if necessary.
  3. Ensure your proper country is enabled.

a. Navigate to Wireless > Country.

Figure 1. Wireless Country Options
Wireless Country Options

  1. If your country is not there, you will need to add it. But first you have to disable the wireless networks.

a. Navigate to Wireless and on the left tab click 802.11a/n > Network.

b. Uncheck the 802.11a Network Status and click Apply.

Figure 2. General

c. On the left tab click 802.11b/g/n > Network.

d. Uncheck the 802.11b/g Network Status and click Apply.

e. Navigate back to Wireless > Country.

f. Select the country in the list that applies to your AP and click Apply.

  1. You will re-enable the Wireless Radios once you verify your AP is connected properly in the next steps of the demo script