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Connecting an AP to a dCloud Session

Connection Options

An AP can be connected to an active dCloud session behind a router or directly through an active Internet connection.

  • When directly connected, the AP must be configured with the WLC Public IP address for EACH┬ásession.
  • Additionally, the direct connection requires CAPWAP ports open on the network.
  • When connected behind a router, the connection is automatic and does not require CAPWAP ports.

Connection Behind Endpoint Router

  • Connect the AP to an available port on the router connected to the active session.
  • The AP will be automatically configured with the Private IP address of the WLC.

Direct Connection Configuration

  • Connect to AP through a console cable using a terminal emulation application.
  • Ensure that your country has been enabled.
  • After the AP has completed booting, press the Enter key.
  • Login as cisco/Cisco.
  • Enter privileged EXEC mode.
  • Configure WLC Public IP Address from the Session Details of your active demo.