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Configure Wireless IP Phone 7925 WLAN Settings

The Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7925 (7925) can be connected to the WLAN of an endpoint router during an Active demonstration.

Navigate to the Router Wifi Credentials section in Session Details of your session to view the settings for your demonstration. The Voice SSID will be used to configure the 7925 wireless phone.

To configure the 7925, follow the steps below.

  1. Press and hold the red power button briefly to display the home screen on the phone.
  2. Using the center navigation wheel, scroll down to view the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll to Network Profiles.

a. Press the center button on the navigation wheel to select Network Profiles.

b. Unlock the network settings in the profile by pressing * * # on the phone keypad.

  1. Scroll to the profile to use for Cisco dCloud and then press View.
  2. To edit the profile name, select Profile Name > Change and enter a new name.
  3. Scroll to WLAN Configuration and then press View.
  4. Scroll to SSID and then press Change.

a. To delete the current SSID, press << until the field is cleared.

b. Enter the voice SSID from the Session Details of your Active demonstration, as shown in figure above.

c. Press Options and then select Save.

  1. Scroll to Security Mode and then press Change.

a. Select Auto (AKM) and then press Save.

  1. If a username or password has been previously configured, select those fields and use the << key to delete both.
  2. Scroll to Pre-shared Key and then press Change.

a. Use the keypad to enter adgjmptw in the pre-shared key field. Note, This corresponds to 23456789 on the keypad.

b. Select Options and then select Save.

  1. Press Back.
  2. Select the edited profile from the list.
  3. Press Back two times to return to the Settings menu. The profile settings are saved.
  4. Press Exit.
  5. To obtain the MAC address for the 7925, go to Settings > Device Information > Network. The MAC address will be listed. Use this MAC address to provision the phone.

Provision the phones you will use for the demonstration with the MAC Addresses for the appropriate users and phone types.  [Show Me How].