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Configure the Call Manager for Users Created on O365

  1. Log in to WKST1 ( as dcloud\amckenzie with password dCloud12345!

For best performance, connect to the workstation with Cisco AnyConnect VPN [Show Me How] and the local RDP client on your laptop. [Show Me How]

  1. Open Firefox on Adam’s desktop.
  2. Navigate to Collaboration Admin Links > Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  3. Log in using the below details:
    1. administrator
    2. dCloud123!
  4. Navigate to Device > Phone.
  5. In the Find Phone Where drop-down, select Directory Number. Type “6016” into the search field. Click Find.
  6. Click the 6016 extension number for UCSFAMCKENZIE.
  7. Scroll down a little to find the section Directory URIs. Update the middle URI (which reads with your MSFT trial account domain.

  1. Click Save and then click Reset. Click Reset again on a pop-up window. Click Close.
  2. On Adam’s workstation still signed in as Administrator, repeat steps 5-8 for all user devices.
    User Name (First, Last) User ID demo WKST Phone Extension Device Name Cross Launch Application
    Adam McKenzie amckenzie WKST1 6016 UCSFAMCKENZIE Cisco Jabber – UCM
    Monica Cheng mcheng WKST3 6020 UCSFMCHENG Cisco Jabber – UCM
    Anita Perez aperez WKST2 6017 UCSFAPEREZ Cisco Webex Call – UCM
    Charles Holland cholland WKST4 6018 UCSFCHOLLAND Cisco Webex Call – UCM
  3. Continue setting up your demonstration environment with Set Up Users on Webex Meeting Org.