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Cisco Contact Center Enterprise 11.0 v1 – Creating a Custom Call-In User Account

The steps below detail how to add a custom call-in user in the Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 11.0 v1 Rock Coast Mobile demonstration. The instructions are for this demo guide specifically and will not work with the other guides in this demonstration. When you call in from the number you specify, all of the user details that you configure appear in Finesse when the agent answers the call.

Many salespeople would like to demonstrate the Customer Collaboration solutions with accounts assigned to the person to whom they are actually presenting. This gives a more personal touch to the presentation and keeps the customers better engaged. This Show Me How details how you can do this.

Creating a Custom Call-In User in Cisco Contact Center Enterprise

  1. While connected to the demonstration session using Cisco AnyConnect, launch your local Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) program and connect to the CCE Web Server at
  2. Login with username: DCLOUDadministrator, password: C1sco12345.
  3. Open the folder C:RockCoastMobiledata.
  4. Open one of the text files in this folder and click File > Save As. Choose a file name that is *your mobile phone number*.txt. You may need to dial into the RockCoast Mobile DN 7700 to confirm exactly how your phone number appears to the agent. Use this format for the mobile number as it appears in Finesse to the agent.
    1. NOTE: If you need instructions on how to obtain the local phone numbers to dial for the DN 7700, please see the Inbound Dialing Number help file.
  5. Enter information in the following fields:
    1. The accountno field will be *your mobile phone number*. This is the same as the txt file name.
    2. Enter custom information for the name, street, city, state, and zip fields
    3. The status field can be Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. If you want a post-call survey, choose Silver or Gold. If you want a courtesy call back option, choose Platinum or Diamond.
    4. The established field can use any date in the format Month/Day/Year
  6. Click File > Save and then Close the text file.
  7. Dial the DN for 7700, the RockCoast Mobile call center. You should now see your custom user information in Finesse when the agent answers the call.