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Change Session Start or End

You can change the start and end date and time of a scheduled session before it starts, and the end date and time of an active session before it ends, if the dCloud data center has sufficient resources to support the change. The changed schedule can cover any time period up to 5 total consecutive days.

Users with whom you share a session cannot change the session start and end dates and times.

To change the start and end dates and times for a session:

  1. Log in to the dCloud data center where the session is scheduled or active.
  2. Open My Hub > Sessions.
  3. Find the session you want to change, and then click Edit.
    Edit Session Details
  4. In the Edit pane, update the session name if you want, select or enter new dates and times, and then click Update.

You can change the start and end of a scheduled session, but only the end of an active session.

  1. My Hub > Sessions refreshes to display the updated name and schedule for the session.
    My Sessions - edits saved