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Adding a Mobile Client to an Active Session for ASA

In order to demonstrate Cisco Cloud Web Security content on the ASA Connector from a mobile client (tablet or smartphone), the client must be connected to the ASA via AnyConnect.

NOTE: Due to the differences in iOS and AnyConnect versions, your screen might differ slightly from those included in the steps below.

Using AnyConnect on iPad or Smartphone

The steps and images below illustrate how to connect using an iPad. Steps for other devices will vary slightly but follow the same general flow.  The same log in credentials are required regardless of device.

Use the following steps to download and log in to AnyConnect using an iPad:

  1. Download the Cisco AnyConnect app for the tablet (or smartphone).
  2. Launch the AnyConnect app from your home screen.
  3. Tap Connections.
  4. Tap Add VPN Connection.

  1. Enter a Description.

  2. In the Server Address field, enter the public address of the ASA shown in the session details for your active session.


  1. Tap Save.
  2. Tap the new VPN connection so that it is selected with a checkmark.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Change Block Untrusted Servers to OFF.

  1. Tap Home.
  2. Toggle the AnyConnect VPN to ON.

  1. If prompted to trust an Untrusted VPN Server, tap Continue.

  1. Enter the username. This is the ID used to log in to Cisco dCloud.
  2. Enter the password.  This is the Session ID shown in the session details of the active demo.


  1. Tap Connect at the authentication prompt.
  2. Tap Accept when the Banner popup displays.
  3. The iPad connects to the ASA. The Status Overview displays the new Client Address.

Status Overview

NOTE: The Cloud Web Security functionality now filters web traffic from the iPad. The session is not configured to support HTTPS searches. Yahoo and Google conduct HTTPS searches by default. For this session, it is important that searches from the iPad are conducted using the Bing search engine.
  1. Go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine.

Search Engine Settings

  1. Select Bing from the list of available search engines.

Select Bing

  1. Confirm the iPad connection by navigating to The results confirm that the ASA connector is in use.

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