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Access Point Verification

Follow the steps below to ensure your access point (AIR-CAP model) is connected and configured to an active demonstration which includes a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).

To verify your access point:

  1. Connect to the monitoring workstation (wkst1) using one of the following options:

    After connecting to the session via AnyConnect, use your local RDP client to connect to Workstation1 located at Log in with the credentials administrator/C1sco12345.

  2. Navigate to the wireless LAN controller located at
  3. Log in to the wireless LAN controller using session specific credentials:
    1. Username: Enter your username or the generic username dcloud.
    2. Password: Enter the unique session ID.
  4. Change your AP to the correct country:
    • Navigate to Wireless > All APs and select the AP.
    • Click the Advanced tab and then select the country in the Country Code drop-down list. If the physical country is not in the list, select the country that matches the wireless regulatory domain.
    • Click Apply.


  5. Name the wireless LAN controller:
    • Select the High Availability tab.
    • In the Name field for the Primary Controller, enter WLC1.
    • Click Apply.


  6. Enable your AP:
    • Select the General tab and then choose Enable for the Admin Status.
    • Click Apply.


  7. Make sure that wireless is enabled on the wireless LAN controller.
  8. Verify your AP radios are UP. Navigate to Wireless > All APs and select your AP:
    • Under the Interfaces tab, ensure your radios are UP. If the operational status is DOWN, you must enable them.


    • Navigate to Wireless > Radios > 802.11a/n.
    • Hover over the blue triangle (blue_triangle) next to your AP, and then select Configure.
    • Under General > Admin Status, select Enable and then click Apply.
    • Repeat the same for Wireless > Radios > 802.11b/g/n.
  9. Complete the remaining steps in the Get Started section of your guide.