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Verify UCCX Service Initialization

Follow the steps below to verify that the Unified Contact Center Express (CCX) services have been completely initialized.

  1. From a demonstration workstation, browse
  2. From the Navigation drop-down list, choose Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability.
  3. Log in using the following credentials: Username: administrator, Password: C1sco12345.

Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability Login

  1. From the toolbar, choose Tools > Control Center – Network Services.
  2. Verify that the status for all services is IN SERVICE.

Control Center - Network Services

  1. If your demonstration has been active for more than 10 minutes and all services do not have a status of IN SERVICE, click the radio button next to Cisco Unified CCX Engine.
  2. Click Restart icon . It may take up to 8 minutes for services to restart.
  3. Re-verify that the status for all services is IN SERVICE.