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Share Custom Content

You can share demonstrations, labs, and other content that you customize and save in a Cisco dCloud data center with other dCloud users. When added users start a session of your custom content, they see and work with all of the modifications you made.

To share a custom version of dCloud content:

  1. Open My Dashboard > My Custom Content and find the custom content that you want to share.
  2. Click Share under the custom content.

Figure 1. Custom Content Version in My Custom Content


  1. In the Share Content window:
    1. Add dCloud users to enable their access to your custom content.
    2. To add users who never logged in to dCloud, check the Search all users check box, enter your password in the pop-up, and then add those users.
    3. Optionally, enter text in the Notes box that you want included in the email notification to added users.

Figure 2. Share Content Window


  1. Click Share.
  2. Added users receive email notification that you shared custom content with them. The email includes the name of the custom content and a link to the dCloud data center where you shared the content.

Figure 3. Email Notification for Shared Custom Content


  1. When added users log in to the data center, they can see the custom content in their list in My Dashboard > My Custom Content and can click:

Start/Schedule to start a new session of the custom content

Unshare to remove the content from their list

Figure 4. Added User View of My Custom Content