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Get a Router and Endpoints

Our BOM, previously published in a spreadsheet, has been replaced with these easy-to-use webpages.


Router Configuration, Test, and Troubleshoot

  1. Add Router to dCloud and Download Files for Configuration
  2. Prepare Your Router for dCloud Configuration
  3. Configure Your Router for dCloud Use with one of these methods:

dCloud Router Configuration Tool: If you are not familiar with configuring routers

Internet: Copy the configuration files directly to your router

Console: Copy and paste the configuration file contents from your laptop to your router console

Console+TFTP: Copy the configuration files to a TFTP server and then copy the configuration to your router

  1. If you have an 819W router, you will also need to perform an additional step – Upgrade and Configure Integrated Wireless Access Point
  1. Test Your Router Connection to dCloud

Troubleshoot Router Problems:


Router Use with Cisco dCloud