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Add Router to dCloud and Download Files for Configuration

Adding your router to Cisco dCloud generates customized dCloud configuration files for the router and for access points (APs) if the router supports APs. The configuration files are combined into a zip file that you will download, extract, and use to configure the router to work with dCloud. The zip file may also include the dCloud Router Configuration Tool that you can use for quick and easy configuration.

To add your router to dCloud and download the files that you will use to configure the router:

  1. Browse to, select the location closest to you, and then login with your credentials.
  2. In dCloud, open My Dashboard > My Endpoint Routers
  3. Click Register New Endpoint Router.
  4. In the Add Router window, enter and select information to define your router in dCloud:
    • Nickname: Enter a name that will help you easily identify the router. It is recommended you include the model number of the router in the name.
    • Router Model: Select the model number of your router from the drop-down.
    • Serial Number: Enter the serial number (SN) for your router. The serial number is usually printed on a label attached to your router.
    • Location: Enter a location that will help you easily identify the router or leave the field blank.

Figure 1. Add Router Window


  1. Click Next to add the router to Cisco dCloud, generate the customized configuration files, and open the second Add Router window.

Figure 2. Add Router Window


  1. If you are not familiar with configuring routers, on the dCloud Router Configuration Tool line:
    1. Click Show Me How to open the steps for configuring your router using the dCloud Router Configuration Tool.
    2. Click Download Tool to download the zipped configuration tool and and dCloud configuration files to your laptop.
  2. If you are familiar with configuring routers:
    1. Click any of last 3 Show Me How links to open steps for manual router configuration methods that you can use.
    2. If needed, click Download Config to download the zipped dCloud configuration files to your laptop.
  3. Click Finish to add the router to dCloud.
  4. Open My Dashboard > My Endpoint Routers to see the newly added router in the list.

There are two links under each listed router that may be helpful if you have a future need to reconfigure your router:
Download Router Setup Wizard downloads a zipped copy of the dCloud Router Configuration Tool.
Download Configs downloads a zipped copy of only the dCloud configuration files for the router.

Figure 3. Download Links in My Dashboard > My Endpoint Routers


  1. Configure your router following the Show Me How instructions that you opened. [Show Me How]

Your router will not work with dCloud until after you configure it.