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May 2015 – Cisco dCloud 1.5

dCloud Access

Sharing with Customers

Expanded User Access to dCloud

  • Anyone with a registered account can now log in to and use dCloud. The level of access assigned to their user account limits the dCloud content that they can see and use.
  • For details on account registration, refer to Cisco’s Registration Benefits and Register pages.

dCloud Portal Enhancements

Changes to Session Control Buttons

  • Labels on these session control buttons were changed, but the functionality did not change:
    • View Demo is now View
    • Stop and Save Demo is now Save and End
    • Stop/Cancel Demo is now End
    • Extend Demo is now Extend

Session Management

  • You can change the start and end date and time of a scheduled session before it starts, and the end date and time of an active session before it ends, if the dCloud data center has sufficient resources to support the change. Users with whom you share a session cannot change the start or end time of the session.
  • For details on this session management addition, refer to Change Session Start or End.

Shared Session

  • When you share a session, a link with the words “Shared with X Users” is added to the session title in My Dashboard > My Demonstrations. Clicking the link opens a dialog box with the user IDs and names of added users.
  • For details on the shared session change, refer to Share a Session.

Event Requests for Multiple Concurrent Sessions


April 2015 – Cisco dCloud 1.5

UI Enhancements

Shared Session

  • When you share a session, you can add a note to be included in the email notification sent to added users.
  • Added users can now see who shared a session with them in My Dashboard > My Demonstrations.
  • For details on shared session changes, refer to Share a Session.

Session Details

  • The Download All Session Details button now appears at the top of My Dashboard > My Demonstrations when you have active sessions. The button lets you quickly export details about all of your active sessions as a csv file.
  • The Edit Session Details button now appears at the top of My Dashboard > My Demonstrations when you have scheduled or active sessions. It lets you change the name of any session. Users with whom you share a session cannot rename the shared session.
  • For details on session detail additions, refer to Download Session Details.

Saved Sessions

  • To make users more aware that an active session is stopped if they save the session, the Save Demo button was renamed Stop and Save Demo. The functionality did not change.
  • For details on saved session changes, refer to Save a Session.

Servers List

  • The list of servers in the Servers drop-down menu of an active session is now a single scrollable list. The UI path to this list is My Dashboard > My Demonstrations > [active_session] > View Demo > Servers.

Multiple Concurrent Sessions

  • When multiple concurrent sessions are scheduled by the dCloud Support Team in response to a user event request, numbers with hyphens (“1 -“, “2 -“, and so on) are now prepended by default to the session titles in My Dashboard > My Demonstrations.
  • For details on multiple concurrent sessions, refer to Schedule Multiple Concurrent Sessions.

Always On Content

  • The Start/Schedule link no longer appears for dCloud content that is always running. Always On content runs and is accessible continuously in dCloud, so a session does not need to be scheduled or started. The guides and scripts that accompany Always On content provide access instructions.

Router Configurations

819H Wireless Router Support

  • Cisco 891H wireless routers are now supported and a 819H configuration file is available for download. To register a 819H router and download its configuration file, you select 819H as the Router Model on the Register an Endpoint Router window.
  • For details on router registration in dCloud, refer to Register and Configure Router Using Configuration Tool.

Support Enhancements

Active Session Resource Identification

  • In My Dashboard > My Demonstrations, numbers that appear in parentheses after active session IDs help the dCloud Support Team identify the data center resources being used to host your session.