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Dialing Patterns for Outbound Dialing

When a demonstration allows you to configure a number for callback or single number reach (SNR) for outbound dialing, you must use the correct format for your location and dialing situation.

The DID numbers associated with your active demonstration will determine the source of the call. The phone number of the landline or mobile phone you are using for your demonstration will determine the target.

Table 1. Source and Target Country Dial Patterns
Source and Target Country Dial Pattern
Source and target within same country 9 + trunkcode + citycode + number
Source and target in different countries 9 + exitcode + countrycode + citycode + number

City code is usually area code in the US.

The website can be used to determine the exit code and country code required for international calling.

Within Country Examples

For US to US calls: 9 + 1 + citycode + number
For UK to UK calls: 9 + 0 + citycode + number
For Singapore to Singapore calls: 9 + 001 + 65 + number

Country to Country Examples

For US to UK calls: 9 + 011 + 44 + citycode + number
For US to Singapore calls: 9 + 011 + 65 + citycode + number
For UK to US calls: 9 +00+ 1 + citycode + number
For UK to Singapore calls: 9 + 00 + 65 + citycode + number
For Singapore to US calls: 9 + 001 + 1 + citycode + number
For Singapore to UK calls: 9 + 001 + 44 + citycode + number

Data center Specific Outbound Dialing Patterns:

Below are the outbound dialing patters that you can use for numbers outside the demonstration, such as your cell phone. These outbound access codes are shown for each specific datacenter that the session is running from.


9011+Country Code+phone number – Dialing Internationally from RTP
91+10 digit phone number dialing nationally (Long Distance)


900+Country Code+Phone number – Dialing Internationally from EMEAR
90+10 digit phone number  – Dialing locally


9001+Country Code + phone number – Dialing Internationally from APJC
9+8 digit phone number


900+Country Code+Phone number – Dialing Internationally from GC
9+8 digit phone number – Dialing within Shangai City (Local)
90+City Code+8 digit phone number – Dialing between Cities (National)

Disabled Outbound Dialing

Outbound dialing has been disabled for the countries in Table 2.

If you are in a country listed below and need outbound dialing to support your active dCloud session, please contact dCloud Support.

Table 1. Disabled Outbound Dialing Countries
Country Country Code
Abkhazia CC7
Albania CC355
Algeria  CC213
Andorra  CC376
Angola  CC244
Azerbaijan  CC994
Belarus  CC375
Belize CC501
Benin  CC229
Bolivia  CC591
Bosnia and Herzegovina  CC387
Botswana  CC267
British Indian Ocean Territory  CC246
Burkina Faso  CC226
Cameroon  CC237
Cape Verde CC238
Central African Republic CC236
Chad  CC235
Comoros  CC269
Congo  CC242
Congo  CC243
Cook Islands  CC682
Croatia  CC385
 Cuba  CC53
 Ecuador  CC593
 El Salvador CC503
 Estonia  CC372
Ethiopia  CC251
 Gabon  CC241
 Ghana  CC233
Greenland  CC299
Guatemala  CC502
 Guinea  CC224
 Guinea  CC245
 Guyana  CC592
 Haiti  CC509
 Honduras  CC504
Ivory Coast  CC225
 Jan Mayen  CC47
Latvia  CC371
Liberia  CC231
 Lithuania CC370
 Macedonia  CC389
Madagascar  CC261
Maldives  CC960
Mali  CC223
 Mauritania  CC222
 Moldova  CC373
 Monaco CC377
 Montenegro  CC382
Morocco CC212
Mozambique CC258
 Namibia  CC264
 Nicaragua  CC505
Niger  CC227
 Nigeria  CC234
 Northern Cyprus  CC90
 Oman  CC968
Pakistan  CC92
Palestine  CC970
 Papua New Guinea CC675
 Philippines CC63
Rwanda  CC250
 Sao Tome and Pri­ncipe  CC239
 Samoa  CC685
 Senegal  CC221
Serbia CC381
Seychelles CC248
Somalia  CC252
South Sudan  CC211
 Sudan  CC249
 Suriname  CC597
 Swaziland  CC268
Tanzania  CC255
 Tunisia  CC216
 Uganda  CC256
 Ukraine  CC380