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Getting Started

Learn about Cisco dCloud:


Check out our Videos page for more videos featuring dCloud Steve, Doctor dCloud and general help!

Experience a Cisco solution in dCloud:

  1. Register for a account if you do not have one.
  2. Browse to Cisco dCloud. Select the location closest to you and log in with your account credentials. Update your dCloud profile if prompted.
  3. Choose content. On the Home page, find dCloud content that best meets your needs. Click More Information to view additional details and content guides.
  4. Schedule a session. It may take 15 or more minutes after the scheduled start time for the session to become active.
  5. Test your connection. Confirm that your network connection is fast enough to provide the best dCloud experience.
  6. Access the session. Find your session in My Dashboard > My Sessions and click View when the status is Active.
  7. Ready. Use a content guide to work through scripted scenarios, or explore the solution your way.

Want to learn more?

  • dCloud 101 PowerPoint (21.2 MB) – The browser view shows only slides. Download the file to see slides and notes.
  • dCloud 101 PDF (15.6 MB) – Includes slides and notes.