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Extend a Session Up to 5 Days

While a session is active, you can change its end date and time to extend the session duration. A session can be active up to a total of 5 consecutive days if the host data center has sufficient resources to support it.

For details about session extension policies and session extensions longer than 5 days, refer to Scheduling Extended Sessions.

To extend an active session:

  1. In dCloud, select My Dashboard > My Sessions.
  2. Find the active session you want to extend and click Extend.

Figure 1. Extend Link in My Dashboard > My Sessions


  1. Select or enter a later date and time for the session to stop and click Extend.

Figure 2. Extend Window


  1. My Dashboard > My Sessions opens and refreshes to display the new end date and time for the session.

Figure 3. Extended Session in My Dashboard > My Sessions