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Extend a Session Longer than 5 Days

You must submit a Cisco dCloud Support request if you want a session to remain active longer than 5 consecutive days. Extending a session is ideal for a proof of concept/ proof of value, long term customer sharing, and other scenarios where a demonstration may need to be active for up to 30 days at a time.

Only Cisco and Partner users can request long session extensions. For details about session extension policies and limits and restrictions for long-running sessions, refer to Scheduling Extended Sessions.

To submit a request to dCloud Support to extend a session longer than 5 consecutive days:

  1. Schedule the session.
  2. Click Support at the top right of the dCloud page.

Figure 1. Support Link for Cisco dCloud


  1. Select and enter information about your extension request in the dCloud Support & Feedback form.

Figure 2. dCloud Support & Feedback Form


  • Under Email, select Support Request.
  • Urgency: Select the option that best describes your situation.
  • Data Center: Select the dCloud data center where your session is running.
  • Delivery Location: Select the location that best describes the session use.
  • Content Name: Enter the session name as it appears in My Dashboard > My Sessions.
  • Session Id: Enter the session ID as it appears in My Dashboard > My Sessions.
  • Describe the problem text box: State that you are requesting a session extension and enter the:
    • Total number of consecutive days you want the session to be active
    • End date and time that you want set for the session extension
    • Business reason for the request
    • Potential revenue impact of the request
    • Intended audience/users
    • If requesting an extension for a POC/POV, provide the customer name.
  1. Click Send to submit the request to Cisco dCloud Support.