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Download Session Details

If you have many active sessions running, such as for a training or event, you can easily download all session details into a single csv file. For each active session, the download includes a row with the session ID and name, AnyConnect credentials (usernames and password), start and stop times, and the users with whom the session is shared.

This feature lets instructors and event session owners see and track the users with whom they share sessions.

To download the session details for all of your active sessions:

  1. Log in to the Cisco dCloud data center where the sessions are running.
  2. Open My Dashboard > My Sessions.
  3. Click Download All Session Details.

Figure 1. Download All Session Details Button


  1. In the dialog box, choose to open or save the csv file.

Figure 2. Download All Session Details Dialog


  1. Open the csv file to see the detailed information associated with all of your active sessions.

Figure 3. Active Session Details in Microsoft Excel


Note that:

  • Each row lists the information for one active session.
  • The Session Id and Session Name identify the active session.
  • Several different Usernames are provided for logging in to each session. The first row in the example shows that 16 different users can log in to the session, v31user1 through v31user16.
  • The single Password in each row works with all Usernames associated with the session.
  • The Start and Stop date and time is listed for every session.
  • The Shared With column lists the user ID of every user with whom you shared the session.