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dCloud v2 UI Beta

About the Beta

The new dCloud UI ( is the foundation we will build on in the future:

  • New UI architecture and API
  • Designed for desktop, tablet and smartphone use
  • Adheres to Cisco design standards
  • Uses the dCloud production infrastructure – sessions can be scheduled and viewed in beta or production UIs interchangeably
  • Help is not available
  • System updates may be done at anytime

Beta Features

You can do most everything with the beta that you can do with production UI plus some frequently requested new features:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Fully dynamic content catalog (Browse, Filter, Search, Sort)
  • Sort catalog by ID, name, publish date and more
  • Sort sessions by start date, session name, session status
  • Sort ascending or descending
  • Unshare sessions
  • Favorites
  • History
  • Smartphone and Tablet views
  • And more!

Coming Soon!

We release new features and updates as they are ready. Some of the new things you will see in the next few months:

  • New filters (content categories, products, industry solutions, languages)
  • Re-order filter menu
  • Request session extension beyond 5 days
  • System and scheduling notifications
  • Set default data center in profile
  • Redesigned mobile page for an improved smartphone and tablet experience
  • Connection test
  • Improved search (content profile, filter tags)
  • Mobile Apps for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets


Who can access dCloud UI beta?

All dCloud users.

When will SSO be available?

It is available now!

How do I provide feedback?

Submit feedback using the support feedback form.

How do I set my default data center?

The default data center in the beta is set by your User profile Geo setting in the dCloud EMEAR data center. To change it you need to login and edit your profile via v1.5 (:: Welcome to Cisco dCloud :: ). Delete the Geo setting and Save (should be blank). You will now see the data center selection screen when you access


Will you be adding functionality during the beta?

Yes, new features will be added when they are completed. Please note that we will not provide any advance notice for system updates.

Can I use beta instead of the production UI to view my sessions?

Yes, both systems use the same production infrastructure. Sessions scheduled via one UI is available via the other and vice versa.

When will we turn off the current dCloud production UI?

The current production UI will be turned off when we exit Public Beta.

Is it possible to view a category of demos via a direct URL?

Yes. For example, all SP demos can be found at the following link:

If you are logged in to SSO (or to dCloud) you will go to the catalog with the Service Provider filter already set.

Can you sort or order content?

Yes, you can select what to sort by and set the sort order (ascending/descending).


Is Remote Desktop (“Web RDP”) the same as in the production system?

The Remote Desktop HTML5 solution is the same for both platforms. An updated WebRDP solution is currently in development and will be deployed to both platforms when complete.