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Configure Cisco 819W Integrated Wireless Access Point

You have to downgrade the AP to 7.2 code, then upgrade to 7.4, due to an issue with the 7.3 AP code release for the integrated AP on the 819Wfor

Do not schedule or start a Cisco dCloud Enterprise Networking or Security demonstration with the 819W router until you complete configure and verify your 819W, using the steps below.

  1. To downgrade the current AP code, the router will need to be connected to the Internet.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect interface GE WAN 0 on the router to an active Internet connection.
  3. From your terminal emulation program ping ( to verify Internet connectivity.
  4. From your terminal emulation program connect to the integrated AP from the router CLI and login with the default username cisco and password Cisco.

The default passwords for the AP have an initial capital “C”: Cisco.

kit-1234#service-module wlan-ap 0 session
Trying, 2002 … Open
Connecting to AP console, enter Ctrl-^ followed by x,
then “disconnect” to return to router prompt <Enter>
Username: cisco
Password: Cisco

  1. Enter privileged EXEC mode and configure the AP to connect to the temporary WLC.

AP8478.acaf.cb52> enable
Password: Cisco
AP8478.acaf.cb52# capwap ap controller ip address


To exit the integrated AP configuration, enter Ctrl + SHIFT + 6 then X. From the router CLI, type disconnect and then press Enter to end the service-module session.

  1. Wait for the integrated AP to connect to the temporary WLC and download the 7.2 AP code. This will cause the AP to reboot and reconnect.
  2. Once the AP has rebooted, verify the correct AP code is loaded by using the command below.

AP8478.acaf.cb52#show capwap client config
configMagicMark 0xF1E2D3C4
chkSumV2 10292
chkSumV1 59929
adminState ADMIN_DISABLED(2)
name AP8478.acaf.cb52

  1. Clear the config and reload the AP.

AP8478.acaf.cb52#clear lwapp private-config
Proceed with reload? [confirm] <Enter>

The AP can now be connected to an active Cisco dCloud demonstration and upgraded to version 7.4.

  1. Schedule an Enterprise Networking or Security demonstration, such as the Cisco dCloud Unified Access demo, with the 819W selected as the endpoint router. [Show Me How]

You can schedule a demo at a different data center, if a time slot is not available at the data center closest to your location. [Show Me How]
This is recommended in order to expedite the setup of your AP because the AP can get its configuration from a WLC at any data center.

  1. Confirm that your scheduled demonstration is Active.
    Figure 1. Active Status

Screenshot of an entry under My Demonstrations, showing a status of 'Active'

  1. Power off the 819W endpoint router using the power switch. Wait 10 seconds, and then power the router back on.
  2. After the router reboots, the VPN tunnel will establish automatically. You will not need to perform any additional actions to start the VPN tunnel.
  3. The first time your endpoint router and AP connect to an active demonstration, the AP will locate the controller ( and upgrade to version 7.4 code automatically. Depending on the bandwidth at your location, this could take 30 minutes or more.
  4. You can view the progress from the terminal emulation application by connecting to the integrated AP using the service-module command as previously shown.
  5. When the upgrade completes, the AP will reboot. After the AP has rebooted, issue the show capwap client config command to verify that the swVer is 7.4.100.

AP8478.acaf.cb52#show capwap client config
configMagicMark 0xF1E2D3C4
chkSumV2 10292
chkSumV1 59929
swVer 7.4.100
adminState ADMIN_DISABLED(2)
name AP8478.acaf.cb52

Verify Access Point Configuration with the WLC

Now that the AP has been upgraded to the correct version, it can be configured for use with Cisco dCloud.

  1. From the My Dashboard page under My Demonstrations in the Cisco dCloud UI, click the View Demo link.
  2. From the Topology menu, click the drop-down for wkst1, and then click Remote Desktop to access the demonstration workstation.
  3. Login as administrator/C1sco12345.

Figure 2. Topology Menu Remote Desktop Link – Example

Example screenshot of the Remote Desktop Link on the Topology Menu

You can also access the WLC using a laptop connected behind the endpoint router, or a laptop connected to the demonstration via AnyConnect VPN. [Show Me How]

  1. From a web browser on wkst1, navigate to the Wireless Controller located at
  2. Login using the credentials from the Session Details of your Active session.

Figure 3. Session Details


  1. Navigate to Wireless > All Aps and select your AP.

To determine which AP in the list is your AP, locate the AP with the MAC address that matches the AP prompt.

  1. Change your AP to the correct country.
    1. Select the Advanced tab and in the Country Code drop-down select your country
    2. Click Apply.
  1. Enable your AP.
    1. Select the General tab. Next to Admin Status select Enable.
    2. Click Apply.
  1. Set the AP mode.
    1. Select the General tab and change AP Mode from FlexConnect to Local.
    2. Click Apply.


Once the AP is provisioned using the steps above, it should not require additional configuration in future demonstrations. To use the AP in future demonstrations, add the endpoint router to the demo during scheduling. When the scheduled demo becomes active, the router will establish the VPN tunnel and the AP will connect to the controller for your demo session.