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Configure Cisco WebEx Meetings for a dCloud Session Using Cisco AnyConnect on Apple Device

This page is no longer actively maintained by dCloud. The steps may not match the current dCloud content. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable.


You must have Cisco AnyConnect installed and configured on your Apple device before you can perform this activity.

Follow the steps below to configure Cisco WebEx Meetings for a dCloud session using Cisco AnyConnect on your Apple device.

  1. Download and install Cisco WebEx Meetings from the App Store, if it is not already installed on your device.
  2. In dCloud, go to My Dashboard > My Sessions and then click the View link for your Active session.
  3. Click the Session Details menu to view the AnyConnect Credentials for your session.
  4. Connect your Apple device to an available wireless connection, and log into AnyConnect.
  5. Tap WebEx app.
  6. On the initial screen, tap Sign In.
  7. Type in the pre-configured user’s email address (in the format: and tap Next.
  8. Enter the password for the pre-configured user that will be using the Apple device during the session and tap Sign In. This information is available in the content documentation.