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Install and Configure Jabber for Apple iPad/iPhone

IMPORTANT: You must have an active demonstration and be connected to the Cisco dCloud UI through Cisco AnyConnect to perform this activity. See the Cisco AnyConnect help page for more information.

Install and configure Cisco Jabber for iPhone/iPad on your Apple device

  1. From your Apple iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store and download the latest version of Cisco Jabber for iPhone/iPad.
  1. Launch the application by tapping the icon.
  2. Enter the user ID as shown below. Note, the user name will change based on the user the device is assigned to. Be sure to verify the login information from the Preconfigured Users table in the demonstration script.

Note: The images below are captured from an Apple iPhone, but the instructions for the Apple iPad will be the same.

Figure 1. Cisco Jabber login screen
Cisco Jabber login screen

  1. Tap Continue and choose CUCM IM & Presence on the following screen.
  2. Enter the username, password, and Cisco Presence server address as shown in Figure 2 below. Accept any security or certificate SSL warnings and click continue.

Figure 2. Cisco IM and Presence Server information
Cisco IM and Presence Server information

  1. Tap Sign In to continue.
  2. If sign in is successful you should see your contact list as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3. Cisco Jabber Contacts List
Cisco Jabber Contacts List

  1. Tap the Settings button [] in the top left corner of the Cisco Jabber window. Scroll down to Accounts and ensure that Instant Messaging, Phone Services, and WebEx Meeting all have check marks next to them. This means they are provisioned and connected correctly.
    Figure 4. Cisco Jabber Account Settings
    Cisco Jabber Account Settings
  2. Tap any available contact for Instant Messaging, an audio or video call, or WebEx Meeting as shown in Figure 5 below, to ensure it is working properly.

Figure 5. Placing a Call or Initiating a WebEx Meeting

Placing a Call or Initiating a WebEx Meeting

Troubleshooting connection issues

If you are having issues connecting to the Cisco Presence Server ( or Call Manager/Phone Services (, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Connect to the Cisco dCloud VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect client. [Show Me How]
  2. Open a web browser and attempt to navigate to and
  3. If you are not able to connect to above URLs, disconnect the VPN and reconnect again.
  4. Once you are able to navigate to the URLs in step 2, launch Cisco Jabber for iPhone/iPad and login to retry the Collaboration services.