Scheduling Issues

Can saved or customized dCloud content be accessed from any data center?

Saved or customized content is only available at the data center where it was created.

Can you provide more details as to why this is happening in dCloud?

If your session requires a specific piece of hardware, PSTN resources, external IP addresses, compute capacity or some other finite resource, we have likely exhausted the available pool for the time slot and data center you selected.

Cisco dCloud is incredibly popular and gaining users faster than we could have ever anticipated. This is great news, but sometimes this means that demand outstrips supply.

Do you have any recommendations of what I can do if I encounter this issue in dCloud?

If you are unable to schedule a session at your preferred dCloud data center and time slot:

Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to try to avoid this issue in dCloud?

We recommend scheduling your session well in advance of when you will need it to ensure a reservation at your preferred dCloud data center. This will give you the best chance to secure the content and time slot you want at your preferred data center.

What are you doing to resolve the scheduling issues in dCloud?

We monitor resource availability closely and are constantly adding new content equipment, along with more compute, storage, networking and bandwidth. We also add new features on a regular basis to meet the evolving needs of our content developers.

Increase of Capacity

  • We have done a lot of work optimizing some back-end functionality along with the content to make it less impactful to the platform. This allows us to do more with the existing infrastructure.
  • We have increased capacity in the US West data center to 600 sessions. Infrastructure is being closely monitored and we expect to be able to increase this again soon.
  • We plan to add additional storage and compute in the US East data center soon.

Watch this space for updates!

Why am I not able to schedule a dCloud session at a specific data center and time slot?

Typically, there are two underlying reasons why you cannot schedule a session at your preferred data center and time slot.

  • No devices available. The content you want to schedule uses a pool of devices that are all in use or scheduled for use by other users.
  • Capacity constraints. The maximum number of sessions (capacity) that the platform can handle while also meeting performance demands has been reached

We monitor the platform closely and constantly add additional pools of equipment and underlying capacity to ensure that our users encounter this problem as infrequently as possible.