dCloud Mobile App

What is the dCloud Mobile App?

The Cisco dCloud Mobile app is the best way to access dCloud on your smartphone or tablet. It will be available for both iOS and Android in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

What can I do with the dCloud Mobile App?

Almost everything you can on the desktop! Browse, filter, search and find content. Download and view proposals. Schedule, edit and share sessions. Check on session status. Receive push notifications about the dCloud platform. You can even use your mobile device to access demo workstations so that you can have 2 or more screens during your demo.

What mobile operating systems and devices does it support?

Android 5.x, 6.x and above

IOS 8.4.x, 9.x and above

Smartphones and tablets

Will you support other mobile operating systems?

We do not have any plans to expand to other mobile OS at this time.

Why should I use the app instead of just using a browser on my mobile device?

The Cisco dCloud mobile app has been optimized for users that want a convenient way to browse, schedule and manage sessions from their mobile device.

Our goal is to continue to build a mobile optimized browser experience for dCloud as well as a mobile app to provide support for all mobile platforms and use cases. The new mobile app will be the most optimized experience for smartphone and tablets with integrated SSO login (60-day cookie) and push messaging. During FY18 we plan to enhance push messaging to include scheduling notifications and subscriptions for news for solutions you are interested in.

How do I download the app?

For Android Devices go to Google Play Store.

For IOS Devices go to Apple iTunes Store.

Can I download the app if I am located in China?

Currently this is not possible from iTunes or Google Play, however, if you install the app while in another region you should be able to access content from the Greater China data center within the app.

How do I report a bug or issue?

Follow the instructions via the Support page within the app and submit a ticket.

What do I do if I experience a problem?

There is a support page within the app that you can access for help, raising tickets, providing feedback or getting in contact with us.


Can I use RDP on the Mobile App?

RDP is currently available only on desktop and tablets due to the screen size required.

Can I view and download Proposals in the Mobile App?

Proposals downloads are currently available only on Android devices due to IOS file handling restrictions.

Will I receive notifications?

Yes, you will receive normal notifications in the app like on desktop when scheduling demos. Push notifications will be enabled at a later date.

How do I access documentation?

To access documentation from within your session, tap Resources.


How do I request an event?

When scheduling a session from the Catalog, tap the Request an Event button shown below and follow the onscreen instructions.


Can I use the mobile app to extend a session?

Yes this functionality is available and can be extended by edited your session from the menu below for the designed session, but only if system capacity is available.


How do I manage my sessions?

Save, Edit, Share, or Stop a single session by tapping the three dots below the content name.  Edit all the current sessions using the pencil icon next to the download details button.


Can I view Instant Demos?

Yes, you can. However, as some of these are externally hosted web pages the mobile app will punch you out of the app into a new browser window. To get back to the mobile app you will need to reopen it.

How do I schedule content?

Once you find the content you want to schedule, tap the Schedule button to be guided through the process.

How do I find content?

Follow the onscreen instructions from the Catalog page to search, filter, and find content.


Can I run a demo on my phone?

The dCloud mobile app supports the ability to view Instant Demos and Scheduled Demo workstations. Keep in mind that that the user experience will vary depending on the products in the demo.

What do I do if I do not have a Cisco.com account?

Register for an account if you do not have one.


Does it support Cisco.com Single Sign On?

Yes, it does.

Do I need to login to use the App?

Yes, you will need a Cisco.com account to login and access dCloud content and features.