Event Scheduling

What is Event Scheduling?

Event scheduling in Cisco dCloud is the scheduling of 6 to 30 sessions to run at the same time for use during an event such as a training class or a trade show or road show.

Cisco employees and Partners are allowed to submit a request for event sessions for themselves, another employee, or another Partner. Cisco dCloud Support manages the requests and schedules sessions based on data center capacity and business justification.

How do I plan for and manage sessions for an event?

Read Hosting dCloud Events with Multiple Sessions to plan, prepare for, and manage multiple concurrent sessions for an event. The article includes best practices, limitations, and restrictions for managing the event sessions.

Schedule Multiple Concurrent Sessions provides steps for submitting your request for sessions for an event.

Is Event Scheduling available to all Cisco dCloud users?

Due to limited system capacity, Event Scheduling is currently only available for Cisco employees and Partners. Other users with business requirements for multiple concurrent sessions can ask their Cisco Account Team to submit an Event Scheduling request on their behalf.

Can I schedule events on behalf of someone else?

Yes. To schedule an event for another Cisco employee or a Partner, complete the request form using that person’s requirements and credentials.

How many days in advance should I request sessions for an event?

Cisco dCloud Support recommends submitting an event request at least 30 days before you want the sessions to start. Support will review and respond to the request within 48 hours.

Can I share the sessions I scheduled for the event?

You can share the sessions with anyone who has Cisco.com credentials. Users with no Cisco.com credentials can register for an account, activate the account, and immediately use the account user ID and password to log in to Cisco dCloud.

Can I use a different Cisco dCloud data center if the one I requested does not have capacity?

You can use any one or more of the Cisco dCloud data centers for your sessions. If capacity is not available to run all sessions in one data center at the requested time, Cisco dCloud Support will schedule the total number of sessions at the requested time but spread across multiple data centers.

Why can’t I schedule more than 5 concurrent sessions on my own?

Cisco dCloud is a global shared service. To fairly distribute capacity, individual use is limited to 5 concurrent sessions. To help avoid further limits, you are asked to terminate unused sessions whenever possible.