Customer Access to dCloud

Can customers contact dCloud Support?

Yes. Cisco dCloud Support deals with dCloud issues and requests from all dCloud users. However, Account Teams are responsible for supporting customers using their shared sessions and Cisco products.

Can customers request session extensions?

No. Customers are limited to running a session a maximum of 5 consecutive days. Account teams have the ability to request extensions for sessions that they share with customers.

Can customers run sessions on their own?

Yes. Customers logged in to dCloud can schedule and run sessions of any dCloud content that they can access.

Can my customers access dCloud today?

Yes. To access dCloud, customers must simply register for a account and use that account to log in. Their initial guest account defines them as L1/L2 users. This level of access gives customers:

  • Direct and full access to dCloud content enabled for L1/L2 access
  • Full access to any dCloud session shared with them by a Cisco employee or Partner
Do my customers need a Cisco account to use dCloud?

Yes. Cisco dCloud access is based on account privileges.

Do my customers need to log in to dCloud before I share a session with them?

No. The dCloud sharing feature now lets you search for any user and share a session with them.

How can I see the content available to customers?

To see the content available to customers, you can log in as a L1/L2 user. You can create a new account using a non-Cisco email address and use that account for this purpose.

How do my customers know I shared something with them?

When you share a session with them, customers receive email with instructions for accessing the session in dCloud and can see the shared session in their My Dashboard > My Sessions list in dCloud. The words shared by <Your-User-ID> at the end of the session name make it clear that you shared the session with them.

What can I share with my customers?

You can share any content, including demonstrations, labs, and training, that you can access in dCloud. Your ability to share a session is limited by your level of access, not the level of access of the customer. Account teams are responsible for making sure that appropriate documentation is in place when sharing content that includes pre-release software.

What will my customers see when they log in to dCloud?

Customers have the same Cisco dCloud experience as Cisco employees and Partners.

Will dCloud make all content available directly to customers?

dCloud collaborates with stakeholders to define access levels for content. Customers have direct access to a subset of the dCloud content catalog based on their level of access. Account teams have direct access to additional dCloud content and can share any content available to them with customers, regardless of the customer access level.