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Managing the Application Experience with AppDynamics and IWO v1

April 2021

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Managing the Application Experience with AppDynamics and IWO v1 is available on dCloud for Cisco, Partner and Customer users in ALL dCloud locations.

See how the Cisco AppDynamics and Intersight Workload Optimizer work together to provide end to end visibility between the application and infrastructure. Cisco is uniquely positioned with its broad product portfolio to provide comprehensive tools that give users and Line of Business visibility across the entire stack. The demonstration provides insights into:

  • Application Performance Management with AppDynamics

  • Application Aware Infrastructure with IWO

  • Infrastructure Optimization with IWO

AppDynamics discovers and maps your business application topology and resource utilization while IWO takes this information and connects it to your data center and cloud infrastructure stack. Once connected, IWO orchestrates and drives actions in your infrastructure environment to help ensure that application components get the computing, storage and network resources they need for workload placement, capacity and scaling. Together, these intelligent tools replace sizing guesswork with real-time analytics and modeling so that you know how much infrastructure is needed to allow your applications and business to keep pace with demand.


  • Intersight Workload Optimizer
  • AppDynamics
  • AD-Financial-Lite demo application running on Cisco HyperFlex



Schedule a demo: https://dcloud2-rtp.cisco.com/content/instantdemo/managing-the-application-experience-with-appdynamics-and-iwo-v1

Visit the Cisco dCloud Help page for more information and training materials 

To view all available Cisco dCloud demos, visit dcloud.cisco.com 

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