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Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v1

December 2020

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that an additional use case, Building the Bridge to Multicloud, has been added to the demo Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v1 available on dCloud to Partners and Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

The primary goal of this demo and its various scenarios is to help presenters widen the scope of a regular ACI discussion.

New generations of applications, containers and virtual workloads are placed where it makes the most sense. Customers increasingly want to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the flexibility provided by public cloud services. This means that the traditional boundary of a typical datacenter is slowly fading.

Running through the various scenarios in the Building the Bridge to Multicloud demo will show how our various solutions can interoperate to provide seamless connectivity and security to application tiers deployed to different clouds. The demo starts with reviewing a hybrid application deployment through Cisco Cloud Center (CCS). The purpose of CCS in this demo is to illustrate the linkage between application development teams and infrastructure. While customers might use a plethora of different solutions to deploy their applications, the objective is to show and discuss how this links back to the infrastructure that makes up a customer’s IT environment.

While we need to recognize that Cisco ACI may be a very important part of a customer’s final deployed solution, it is also important to recognize, and address, those other areas of concern such as: management, automation, performance monitoring, analytics and resource management – all of which play their part in a customer’s decision-making criteria. See Cisco’s Data Center products Cisco CloudCenter, Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco AppDynamics, Cisco ACI including the Cloud APIC, and Amazon Web Services working in combination in this demo.



View the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/experience-applications-securely-anywhere-v1

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