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Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v1

May 2020

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v1 is available on dCloud to Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

Experience Applications Securely anYwhere (EASY) – This demo provides an environment that is not focused on individual products but focuses on how they integrate together to provide an overall solution. The final goal of this demonstration is to prove that these products do work and deliver a solution.  The objective of this demonstration is to prove that these products to actually work and deliver a solution. There are no simulators, all software and hardware in this demonstration is as-is available to Cisco customers.

From automated application deployment to performance automation. See the integration of AppDynamics, CWOM, CloudCenter Suite, Tetration and ACI. During an application deployment triggered by CloudCenter Suite, discover how Cisco auto-installs AppDynamics agents and the Tetration sensor for application performance monitoring and application security, as provisioning of ACI policies and filters

In this first release, the focus is the Sales Play:

  • Platform Modernisation for Applications: the main talking points are: governance, automation, security, visibility and cost control.


  • Scenario 1. Governance
  • Scenario 2. Automation / Deploying & Building Your Application
  • Scenario 3. Security: Workload Protection with Cisco Tetration
  • Scenario 4. Visibility & Optimisation
  • Scenario 5. Cost Control

View the demo Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v1

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