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Enterprise Networks Hardware Sandbox v3

August 2021

The Enterprise Networks practice is pleased to announce that the Enterprise Networks Hardware Sandbox v3 is now available on dCloud for Cisco and Partners in the RTP data center.

The Enterprise Networks Hardware Sandbox v3 environment is designed to allow flexibility while supporting a variety of use cases with Cisco DNA Center, ISE, Stealthwatch and Wireless. The environment is made up of a mix of hardware devices and virtual machines.

What’s New

  • Updated: DNA Center from to
  • Added: Deployed ISE 3.0 Patch 2
  • Updated: Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL Wireless Controller – IOS-XE 17.5.1


  • DNA Center
  • ISE 3.0 Patch 2 – Identity services (Deployed)
  • ISE 3.0 – Identity services (Undeployed)
  • Stealthwatch 7.1
  • FlowCollector 7.1
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.9
  • Wireless LAN Controller – C9800 running IOS-XE Bengaluru 17.5.1 code
  • Windows 10 Jump Host – Contains links to common URLs needed to view and configure the environment as well as programmability tools (Python, Git, etc). Can also be used to TFTP files to/from the hardware devices. Can be used to pull files from Box.
  • Windows Server 2019 – Can be configured to provide identity, DHCP, DNS, etc.
  • Windows 10 Clients – Used to simulate network clients participating in the environment. Can be used to test segmentation, host onboarding, policy implementation, etc.

Hardware Devices

  • ISR 4451 Router – 17.3.3 IOS-XE Code
  • Catalyst 9300 Switch – 17.3.3 IOS-XE Code with Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) and ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent
  • Catalyst 3850 Switch – 16.12.5 IOS-XE Code
  • 4800 Access Points
  • Silex Controller (2 NIC’s)

NOTE: This demo which was previously only available in SJC is now available in RTP

View the demo profile at the following link: https://dcloud-cms.cisco.com/demo/cisco-enterprise-networks-hardware-sandbox-v3