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Enabling Zero-Touch Provisioning with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator 4.6.5 v1

February 2020

The purpose of this demonstration is to highlight how Cisco partners can use NSO to quickly build impactful automation services for customers at the beginning of their automation journey. NSO, with its open architecture, multi-vendor support, and strong platform capabilities, enables quick development of automated services that can help reduce Operational Expenditures (OpEx). NSO is a mature platform with diverse automation capabilities. Using NSO as the engine driving automation enables building modular, extensible, cross platform ‘low-code’ solutions that are ideal for both greenfield and brownfield deployments. These strengths of NSO can be utilized to develop foundational automation use cases, such as Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), operating system (OS) Upgrade/Downgrade, Application Patching and Audit and Compliance, especially in the early phases of adopting automation. These example use cases then can pave the way for development of more sophisticated automation workflows with NSO at the center.

The example Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), the feature discussed here, provides options for router auto-discovery and auto-configuration. For physical devices, field technicians are required to mount the router only, connect to the power, attach cables in easily accessible ports, then power-on the router which initiates the zero touch provisioning process. This feature helps operators reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by simplifying network deployment. The solution discussed here extends seamlessly to virtual form factors as well.

Manual deployment of new network devices is time consuming. When deploying hundreds or thousands of devices, automating the deployment process is the only practical approach, especially in efforts to reduce OpEx, but also to increase deployment accuracy which alleviates trouble ticket and support requirements.

This lab uses the Zero-Touch Provisioning Service Pack from Cisco® CX, which enables no-touch provisioning of physical and virtual network elements. This zero-touch provisioning solution was created by Cisco CX to automate network device deployment without human intervention. This demonstration describes how to deploy a new IOS-XE Cisco Services Router (CSR) 1000v device to the network.


  • Scenario 1. Deploy 2 New CSR1000v Devices with Zero-Touch Provisioning