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EASY – Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v2

December 2021

The Data Center Practice is pleased to announce that EASY – Experience Applications Securely anYwhere v2 is available on dCloud for Cisco and Partner users in all dCloud locations.

Experience Applications Securely anYwhere (EASY) – is a foundational platform on which specific use-case driven demonstrations are running in a fully integrated environment. The EASY demonstration platform provides a complete hybrid cloud environment where you also have access to the underlying ACI fabric, the Cloud ACI extension to AWS, Hyperflex for running the on-prem VM’s and containers (IKS), with Intersight as the SaaS management platform to deliver IIS, IVS, IKS, IWO and ICO. It’s all real, all integrated and all accessible in the EASY demo platform.

Initially there is a single use-case, but it is one of the hottest use-cases around within Cisco.

Use-Case 1: FSO – Full Stack Observability: Leveraging a Healthcare application, learn and demonstrate how Cisco’s core SaaS solutions solve the big challenges of performance, optimization, and security through AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Intersight. Gain visibility across domains, dynamically match infrastructure needs to business demands, and create shared context between application and security teams. The applications are designed for verticals (healthcare, travel – when ready and more to come).


The following components comprise the demo environment, all which you can access.

  • HyperFlex – On-Premises Compute/ Storage infrastructure, capable of hosting of VMs and containers running Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS).
  • Cisco ACI – Software Defined Networking solution, where HyperFlex and applications connect.
  • Cisco Full Stack Observability solution.
    • AppDynamics
    • ThousandEyes
    • Intersight
  • Demo Applications – Healthcare and Travel demo applications running in hybrid-mode on Kubernetes.
  • Cisco Secure Workload – a Secure Workload (Tetration) cluster is deployed on-premises securing the applications.
  • Cisco Workload Optimization Manager
  • Infoblox



  • Introduction
  • Healthcare Application Overview
  • FSO Checklist
  • FSO Dashboard Overview
  • How to Demo: Application Journey
  • How to Demo: Infrastructure Journey
  • How to Demo: Network Journey


View the demo https://dcloud2.cisco.com/instantdemo/easy-experience-applications-securely-anywhere

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To view all available Cisco dCloud demos, visit dcloud.cisco.com 

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