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Cyber Defense Clinic v4.3

March 2022

The Security Practice is pleased to announce that Cisco Cyber Defense Clinic Lab v4.3 is now available to (L3) Partners and (L4) Cisco users in ALL dCloud locations.

Cyber Defense Clinic Lab is your CDC training platform, based on Cisco Security Integrated Threat Defense (ITD) architecture and solutions. Experience lifelike cyber security attacks in a virtualized enterprise lab environment where you play the roles of attacker and defender!

Perform scenarios in an environment that models many enterprise networks and learn how your own environments get compromised, how security breaches get detected, and how to respond with maximum effectiveness.


  • HackMDs.com – Connectivity and Setup (Required)
  • Target Reconnaissance: Gathering Information about Vulnerabilities for a Future Attack
  • Smash and Grab: Attacking Public Network Services Through the Front Door
  • The Ransom Scenario
  • Insider Threats: Move Within to Obtain and Export Your Data
  • Compromised Hosts: Control Access and Monitoring for Malicious Threats
  • Centralized Defense (Splunk and IBM QRadar)
  • Automating and Response with SOAR
  • Web Defense and Resource Sustainability Part 1 and 2
  • Defend Identities and Password Compromise
  • Email Exploitation
  • End-to-End Exploitation – Advanced Attack Lab
  • Monitor Threats and Performance with Tetration
  • Cyber Defense Response Challenge: Incident Response

What’s New?

  • New Scenario: Threat Hunting with SecureX
  • New Scenario: Secure Cloud Insight

To learn more, view the lab:

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