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Crosswork Network Controller 1.0 b8 with CDG 1.1.2 and NSO 5.2.2 v1

June 2020

The Segment Routing PCE is a feature of IOS-XR. The Crosswork Optimization Engine is an application that provides a user interface for the Segment Routing PCE. The Crosswork Optimization Engine displays the real-time network state including topology and traffic information as well as information on Segment Routing policies and the path the SR Policies traverse through the topology. In addition, the Crosswork Optimization Engine can be used to create new PCE initiated policies that have a defined path or dynamic path optimized for IGP metric, TE metric, or delay. The Crosswork Optimization Engine is an application that leverages the Cisco Crosswork infrastructure and micro-service architecture.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This lab provides a sneak preview to a subset of the RESTCONF APIs available on the Crosswork Network Controller for Services control and SR Policy deployment. This demonstration is based on pre-release software and the UI and APIs are subject to change.


  • Scenario 1. Verify Inventory and Topology
  • Scenario 2. Service Provisioning from Cisco Network Controller
  • Scenario 3. Network Controller API Operations
  • Scenario 4. Adds, Moves, and Changes
  • Scenario 5. Crosswork Situation Manager and Service Notifications