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Cisco Webex Security Lab v2

September 2020


Webex by Cisco provides customers with a comprehensive set of security and compliance capabilities. This includes state of the art end-to-end encryption capabilities for data in transport and data at rest, policy components, and compliance functionality. The architecture relies on micro services for these capabilities.

This lab covers several exercises that are centered around Webex security. It will walk through the configuration of Cisco Cloudlock to integrate with Webex. It will also cover features around eDiscovery. Finally the guide walks step by step in the configuration and implementation of Hybrid Data Security from beginning to end.


  • Cisco Webex Control Hub Policies
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Cisco Cloudlock Integration with Webex
  • Anti-Malware Protection (Extended Security Pack)
  • Cisco Duo Multifactor Authentication
  • Duo Multifactor Authentication in Action
  • Webex eDiscovery
  • Install Cisco HDS Configuration Utility & Enable Hybrid Data Security
  • Deploy Cisco Webex Hybrid Data Security
  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Data Security at Work
  • Appendix: Installing the Database Used by Cisco Hybrid Data Security


The requirements vary by scenario. Please see the demo guide for the requirements for the selected scenario. The table below represents the requirements to complete all demonstrations in the dCloud lab.

Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • Apple iOS or Android mobile device (for Cisco Duo Multifactor Authentication)
  • None


Cisco Webex Control Hub
  • Manage your services and users, provision devices, view detailed analytics and reporting, and configure security and compliance policies to help keep data safe and meet regulatory needs.
Data Loss Prevention (Cloudlock)
  • Cisco Cloudlock monitors all Webex spaces that contain members internal to the organization for data loss prevention. When a violation is detected, Cloudlock can take specific actions.
Anti-Malware Protection (Extended Security Pack)
  • Provides an extra layer of security with a seamlessly integrated and easily deployed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and anti-malware solution.
  • Duo, Cisco’s access security platform, provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) and advanced endpoint visibility to secure your workforce.
  • To meet legal and regulatory needs, compliance administrators can search and extract content. Search all activities, text messages, and content, as well as contextual data such as timestamps, space IDs, and participant IDs.
Hybrid Data Security
  • Moves the key management system and other security-related functions from Cisco’s cloud infrastructure to your enterprise data center.

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