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Cisco Webex Experience Management (WXM) v2 – Instant Demo

March 2021


Webex Experience Management is a next-generation, AI-powered cloud CEM solution that improves customer experiences by giving companies greater insight across the entire customer journey, by mapping their experiences across all touchpoints in the organization, consolidating the data that was once siloed, and using predictive analytics to make informed decisions on how to proactively improve those experiences so that they create positive business outcomes.

Even more exciting, we’re uniquely embedding these capabilities directly in the contact center desktop, empowering agents and supervisors with customer sentiment data in real-time, providing them a well-rounded picture of how customers are feeling and what they’re doing. This helps agents to truly personalize their engagement with the customer, and it helps management predict what impact organizational changes/improvements (for instance on staff service) may have on customer experience (NPS/CSAT/CES) and on the business (revenue). This is just the beginning of how we will help organizations dynamically leverage real-time customer sentiment to achieve greater relationships, higher CX scores, and improve financial outcomes.

For example, you might be able to see from a customer’s tweets that they have been going through a stressful situation. Their last chat interaction surfaced that they’ve been frustrated with impersonal support in the past. Proactively equipped with this information, you’re much more empowered to provide the best empathetic help they need to stay a loyal customer.

Solution Highlights

  • Customer Journey Management – Listen to your customers across 17 different channels (e.g. email, chat, web) along the entire journey, expose and assess areas of improvement to drive loyalty, and leverage the Cisco Contact Center to close the loop.
  • Feedback – Create and customize various “listening posts” for sentiment and feedback (e.g. post-call IVR/email and web intercept surveys to collect customer data).
  • Deep Analytics – Derive a relationship between operational, transactional, and experience drivers (i.e. NPS, CSAT and revenue), and use predictive analytics to model KPI and financial impact of strategic decisions.

Key Capabilities

  • Bridge silos and use the data you have: Bring together operational data (e.g. CRM, ERP) from different silos across your organization to form one single system of record of customer experience.
  • One view of the customer: Move from a transactional approach to one view of the entire customer journey, identifying high and low points so your internal teams can improve.
  • Micro and macro journeys: Compare different cohorts (e.g. customers that only do online purchases) to understand differences in experience across multiple journeys. Switch from macro to micro journeys to investigate the experience.
  • Journey analytics: Gain actionable insights at each stage of the journey with recommendations and predictive analysis of what drives financial performance.
  • Drill-down analysis: Drill down into specific areas by touchpoint, stage, cohort, or campaign to view root cause analysis, and apply various statistical tools.
  • Custom dashboards: Customized, role-based dashboards with our easy-to-use point and click interface.


  • Predictive analytics: Make informed decisions on how to improve employee and customer experiences that will create positive business outcomes.
  • Seamless integrations: Understand the full customer journey by breaking down data silos from your business applications and bringing all the data about your customers into meaningful human stories.
  • Integrated with contact center: Empower contact center agents with full visibility of customer feedback, metrics, and previous customer journey experiences.
  • Financial analysis: Get access to boardroom-ready, one-page financial analysis to obtain executive buy-in and budget approval for customer experience initiatives.
  • Journey path analysis: Untangle the attributes that impact customer experience and financial metrics to get superior results.
  • Theme analysis: Advanced text analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provides up to 95 percent accuracy of both theme and sentiment of the customer’s unstructured data.
  • Ticketing: Close the loop with your customer, with real-time alerts to notify frontline employees and keep stakeholders at all levels in the loop.

What’s New in v2

  • New Products and Retail verticals on top of the previous Finance related demonstration
  • New CX Lead spaces for the Products and Retail verticals
  • Agent Dashboard space for the Products and Retail verticals


There is a dedicated guide for each of the following demonstration features:

  • Provisioning Guide
  • Agent Dashboard
    • Track his/her own Net Promoter Score
    • Understand customer sentiment
  • Contact Center, Overall Experience, Branch, Website, ATM
    • Track experience across all touchpoints
    • Deep dive into touchpoint wise analysis
    • Segmentation and slicing & dicing of data
    • Prioritize action items to improve experience at each touchpoint
    • Predictive What If? modelling

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