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Cisco Webex Contact Center (WxCC) v5 – Instant Demo

November 2021


Cisco Webex Contact Center is the next-generation cloud contact center solution inspired by customers and architected for business.

Designed and built from its foundation as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solution, Webex Contact Center’s best-of-breed platform architecture brings your business the innovation, flexibility, scalability, and agility of the cloud without sacrificing security. As a cloud-based subscription, Webex Contact Center enables rapid time to market and time to new revenue while minimizing upfront capital investment.

  • Digital-first customer experiences – when they want, how they want it: With support for text / SMS, social media, chat, email, and calling contact options, customers can connect through the channel (or channels) of their choice. Voice and chat AI-powered Virtual Agents give customers options for natural, fast, and easy 24/7 self-service.
  • End-to-end customer experience management: Capture feedback while it’s top of mind. Integrated Webex Experience Management post-call surveys can be sent to customers via text, email, or IVR to provide immediate feedback and responsiveness to customer sentiment. Agents benefit from customer experience journey context displayed on the agent desktop and customer experience analytics reports that capture customer feedback trends and allow for proactive response.
  • Intuitive agent experiences and AI-powered agent assistance: An extensible, intuitive agent desktop provides an ideal central command center for agents to provide the best possible customer experiences. Its fresh, modern, widget-based design allows agents and administrators to provide all the tools an agent might need in a single interface. Optional integrated Webex Workforce Optimization provides tools for workforce management, quality management, and workforce analytics.
  • Next-generation, fully customizable platform: A micro services-based, cloud-provider-agnostic platform provides enterprise-grade horizontal scalability and rapid feature innovation and deployment. Business user-focused tools such as a drag-and-drop flow control builder empower flexibility and management without burdening IT resources. Integration with business applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk reduce context switching. Cloud data analytics power real-time and historical reporting and dashboards for business optimization.
  • Complete collaboration portfolio from a single, security-focused market leader: Contact center agents can rely on the support of cross-department, cross-functional subject matter experts—all with a common goal of providing delightful customer experiences—the first time, every time. With available Webex collaboration tools for messaging, calling, meetings, and even headsets and phones, agents benefit from a common user experience. Organizations and administrators benefit from ease of management of contact center and collaboration tools and users through the single Webex Control Hub.

What’s New in v5

  • Webex App Integration: The Webex Contact Center Agent Desktop is the agents’ desktop cockpit for engaging in omnichannel customer interactions with customers, providing flexibility and widget options that can be added or deleted, allowing for multiple desktop layouts that can be applied on a team by team basis.

  • Salesforce Connects Agent Desktop: The Salesforce Connector provides an integrated means of viewing all the information on sales transactions, including agent status, team, and queues. All pertinent information is at your fingertips.


  • Scenario 1: User Provisioning
  • Scenario 2: Cisco Webex Control Hub
  • Scenario 3: Webex Contact Center Management Portal
  • Scenario 4: Desktop Layout Customization
  • Scenario 5: Customer and Agent Interaction Experience
  • Scenario 6: AI/Bot with Virtual Agent Voice
  • Scenario 7: Cisco Webex Experience Management (WXM)
  • Scenario 8: Web-Based Mobile App
  • Scenario 9: Recording Management
  • Scenario 10: Reporting and Analytics
  • Scenario 11: Salesforce Connects Agent Desktop
  • Scenario 12: Webex App Integration

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