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Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise (WxCCE) v1

May 2020


Cisco has designed a unique multi-cloud solution in order to solve for these challenges in transitioning enterprise class contact centers to the cloud. By combining multi-instance reliability for core routing with multi-tenant flexibility and feature velocity for emerging applications both at scale a new powerful solution is created.

Webex Contact Center Enterprise takes the best of the mature, established on-premises Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) solution and makes it available in the cloud. This includes transformational features like the Cisco Finesse agent and supervisor desktop, precision routing, advanced omni-channel capabilities, and the full enterprise feature set.

Webex CCE includes a new multi-tenant management administration portal that is unique to the platform. This administration portal provides role-based access control, audit trail, advanced re-skilling and numerous features that can’t be found anywhere else.

Webex CCE is built using Cisco HyperFlex. HyperFlex provides enterprise-class data management, independent scaling, and dynamic data placement. This, along with other cloud orchestration techniques, means that Cisco can quickly spin up tenants and ensure that customers are using the latest features. Although Webex CCE is based on the on-premises CCE, tenants can be provisioned in far less time than it takes to set up CCE. Webex CCE customers can stay current with the latest enterprise features without going through the cost and pain of upgrade.

What’s New in v1

      • Webex Contact Center Enterprise Administration Portal
      • Webex Contact Center Enterprise UC Management
      • Many of the demonstration features of the PCCE 12.0 v2 demo


There is a dedicated guide for each of the following demonstration features:

      • WxCCE v1 Setup Guide
        • Importing the CA Root and Sub-Certificates to Your PC
        • Creating a dCloud Customer Profile
      • WxCCE v1 Administration Portal
        • Administration Portal
        • Supervisor Portal
        • Agent Portal
      • WxCCE v1 All Verticals Demonstration Guide
        • Scenario 1: OmniChannel Customer Service
        • Scenario 2: Precision Queue API/Certification Training Demo
        • Scenario 3: Supervisor Desktop and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting
      • WxCCE v1 Salesforce Demonstration Guide
        • Scenario 1: Bucher+Suter Salesforce Integration
      • WxCCE v1 Mobile App Demonstration Guide
        • Scenario 1: dCloud Contact Center Mobile App
        • Scenario 2: AI/BOT from an SMS Interaction
      • WxCCE v1 AI/BOT Demonstration Guide
        • Scenario 1: AI/BOT from the Cumulus Website
        • Scenario 2: AI/BOT from the Cumulus Facebook Page
        • Scenario 3: AI/BOT from an SMS Interaction
        • Scenario 4: AI/BOT from Conversational IVR
      • WxCCE v1 Outbound Calling Demonstration
        • Scenario 1: Cisco SPOG Campaigns
      • Vertical Customization Toolbox
        • Scenario 1: Customizing the IVR Prompts
        • Scenario 2: Branding Your Website
        • Scenario 3: Customizing the Mobile App Skin
        • Scenario 4: Customizing AI/BOT
        • Scenario 5: Testing Your New Vertical

Demonstration Components

    • Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 12.0(1)
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence 11.5(1)
    • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 12.0(1)
    • Cisco SocialMiner 12.0(1)
    • Cisco Finesse 12.0(1)
    • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal 12.0(1)
    • Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email 12.0(1)
    • Cisco Virtual Voice Browser 12.0(1)
    • Nuance Speech Suite 11.0(3)
    • eGain Solve 17.0(6)
    • B+S Salesforce Connects 4.8
    • Workstations (Windows 10)