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Cisco Ultra Cloud Core CNDP SMI 5G v1

May 2021

The Ultra Cloud Core Subscriber Microservices Infrastructure (SMI) provides a run time environment for deploying and managing Cisco’s 5G cloud native network functions (CNFs).

The Cloud Native Deployment Platform (CNDP) can deploy and manage SMI on the following platforms.

  • VMware: The CNDP Cluster Manager deploys the base images using the vSphere APIs.
  • Bare Metal: The CNDP Cluster Manager configures UCS-C based hosts using Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) APIs.

This lab is deployed on VMware. AMF and SMF are running as a CNF and UPF is a VNF. The rest of the 5G NFs like AUSF, UDM, PCF, CHF and UE/gNB are simulated in lattice.


  • Scenario 1. Verify CNDP Cluster Manager
  • Scenario 2. Verify Kubernetes Cluster
  • Scenario 3. CEE – Common Execution Environment
  • Scenario 4. AMF – Access and Mobility Management Function
  • Scenario 5. SMF – Session Management Function
  • Scenario 6. UPF – User Plane Function
  • Scenario 7. 5G Call Simulation