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Cisco UCM Cloud Migration Assistant Lab v1

April 2021


This lab is intended for Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) administrators needing hands-on experience to learn how to more efficiently transition from on-premises Unified CM to Cisco UCM Cloud using the UCM Cloud Migration Assistant (UCMC MA). The UCMC MA utility is available by request from Cisco by completing a Smartsheet application at https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/6dbddec6a44646cba53b56a8fd8fbff6

The intended audience includes both proficient and expert-level Unified CM administrators. This lab is designed to allow you to practice the following:

  • Installing UCM Cloud Migration Assistant from an Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) file.
  • Migrating a Unified CM cluster by:
    • Cloning the dialplan from the source Unified CM to the target UCM Cloud cluster – Covered in this Lab.
    • Pushing the dialplan to the target UCM Cloud cluster from templates – Will be available in the future.
    • Using the dialplan that already exists on the target UCM Cloud cluster – Will be available in the future.


  • Set up Source and Target Cluster on UCMC MA
  • Important Information/Considerations about UCMC MA
  • Discovering/Allocating/Validating Source and Target Clusters
  • Creating Sites on UCMC MA
  • Preparing and Previewing the Migration
  • Steps to Follow Post Migration


Required Optional
  • Cisco AnyConnect Client
  • Laptop
  • Cisco Endpoints
  • Mobile Device

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