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Cisco SRv6 uSID L3 VPN with Flexible Algorithm and TI-LFA v1

October 2020

This solution shows SRv6 uSID as a full replacement of MPLS technology in Service Provider networks. In this lab you will configure a small model of an SP network where only IPv6 routing is used to provide underlaying reachability and SRv6 is used to provide overlay services. In this demo, we will use L3 VPN with IPv4 routing as a service example, but in a very similar way it can be done with VPNv6 or even EVPN.

Upon completion of this lab you, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of SRv6 technology and use cases
  • Gain the ability to configure basic SRv6 services, including L3VPN, TI-LFA, and Flexible Algorithm

All features used in this lab are available in IOS XR 7.3.1.


  • Scenario 1. L3VPN
  • Scenario 2. Flexible Algorithm 128
  • Scenario 3.TI-LFA