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Cisco SD-WAN POC Tool v9.2.2

October 2021

The Enterprise Networks practice is pleased to announce that the Cisco SD-WAN POC Tool v9.2.2 is now available on dCloud for Cisco and Partner users in ALL data centers. 

The Cisco SD-WAN POC Tool enables you to create custom topologies to demo, test, and validate a whole range of use cases. Use this tool to import and export topologies to share with other users of the tool. 

This tool supports vEdge, cEdge, and includes the ability to add traffic generation and WAN impairment. 

Note: Please test any saved topologies created in older versions in this new release and allow time to adjust for the new environment. 

What’s New

  • Integrated support for topology deployment in POC Tool using Cisco SD-WAN 17.6.1 | v20.6.1 
  • A second server for clustering and a better VNF Distribution which enhances deployment performance. 
  • Increased the size limit for uploading image files in POC Tool UI to 4 GB per file. 
  • Security enhancements across the POC Tool application to block unwanted traffic over the host interface, such as Telnet. 
  • Increased timeouts and added delays and retries in multiple deployment steps to improve stability, reliability, and consistency of scale topology. 
  • Show users a warning banner in case the hard drive usage on the base machine exceeds 90%. 
  • Added a backup user for vManage login so that the primary vManage user can be reset in case of being locked out from the primary vManage account. 
  • Integrated an option in the UI to change the user login password for POC Tool. This option is available in the user dropdown menu in the top right corner above the Logout button. 
  • VM Console enabled on both servers for troubleshooting purposes.