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Cisco SD-WAN POC Tool 7.0.2 v1

June 2020

The Cisco 4D SD-WAN POC Tool enables you to create custom topologies to demo, test, and validate a whole range of use cases. You can use this tool to import and export topologies to share with other users of the tool.

The tool supports vEdge and cEdge and includes the ability to add traffic generation and WAN impairment.


  • Importing a Topology
  • Creating a Topology

What’s New

  • Cisco SD-WAN 20.1.1 / XE 17.2.1r images
  • dCloud VPN not required to access vManage GUI
  • TREx traffic generator
  • Parallel Site Deployment
  • Ability to create sub-interfaces in CSR SD-WAN (use vmxnet2 interfaces when deploying)
  • Exposed the following settings for VPN 0 interfaces: with/without tunnel, restrict, max-control-connections
  • L2 (bridged mode) latency generator
  • UI stability enhancements
  • Upload and deploy third-party VNFs
  • Allow users to enter default gateway for Ubuntu VNF
  • Support for custom Organization Names and user-provided serial files


Required Optional
  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect┬«