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Cisco Routed Optical Networking (RON) Sales Enablement Tool v1

November 2020

The RON sales enablement tool is intended to help Cisco sales teams perform network modelling as part of their RON customer engagements. The goal is to illustrate key advantages and disadvantages of different network architecture choices applied to certain customer scenarios. By leveraging Cisco WAE Design, the network models can be analyzed by using the built-in functions, so even what-if analyses can be performed.

NOTE: The current implementation leverages basic IGP shortest path routing of demands. No LSPs nor path-protection or unprotected scenarios. Future releases of the RON sales enablement tool may address those issues.


  • Scenario 1. Launch WAE Design and Upload Customer Data
  • Scenario 2. Build Base Network Topology
  • Scenario 3. Design and Build different Network Architectures
  • Scenario 4. Compare Architectures
  • Scenario 5. Download your Plan Files for Future Use