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Cisco Remote and Mobile Asset (Kinetic GMM + Industrial Router) Lab v2

February 2020

The Cisco Remote and Mobile Assets (RaMA) offering is the combination of Cisco Industrial Routers (IRs) and Cisco Kinetic Gateway Management Module (GMM) to provide a powerful solution and value for customers. With the combination of these products it is possible to easily and securely connect Remote and Mobile Assets.

Remote Assets – Valuable or critical equipment remotely located in an isolated or unsupervised area:

  • Example: diesel generator, speed camera, sea buoy, wind turbine, ATM, GSM, cell site, traffic cabinet, pipeline, military equipment, etc.

Mobile Assets – Valuable or critical equipment on the move:

  • Example: truck, car, construction machine, container, lab equipment, boat, public safety vehicle, public transit, service fleet, etc..

Also included are two additional labs with guides:

  • API Lab – Use an interactive API explorer that allows you to make REST API calls to the Kinetic platform from your browser.
  • Advanced Templates Lab (*Requires a Real Gateway*) – With a real IR 829 gateway helps you to understand how to use the advanced template in GMM to provide advanced IOS configurations to your gateway via GMM.


  • Scenario 1: Get Your Account Ready
  • Scenario 2: GMM Getting Started
  • Scenario 3: Gateway Configuration
  • Scenario 4: Gateway Deployment
  • Scenario 5: Application Deployment
  • Scenario 6: Gateway Administration
  • Scenario 7: Gateway Diagnostics


Required Optional
  • Laptop with Chrome browser
  • Cisco AnyConnect®

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