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Cisco Remote and Mobile Asset (Edge Device Manager + Industrial Router) Instant Demo v1

November 2020

The Cisco Remote and Mobile Assets (RaMA) offering is the combination of Cisco Industrial Routers (IRs) and Cisco Edge Device Manager to provide a powerful solution and value for customers. With the combination of these products it is possible to easily and securely connect Remote and Mobile Assets.

Cisco Edge Device Manager Overview

The Cisco IoT Edge Device Manager (EDM) is a secure, cloud native, scalable service to provision, manage and monitor IoT gateways. EDM, is one of the services under the IoT Operations Dashboard product umbrella.

Use the Edge Device Manager (EDM) to bring new gateways online in minutes instead of days — and easily manage them remotely with this secure cloud-hosted application. Edge Device Manager streamlines provisioning and provides you with ongoing visibility and control of your Cisco supported gateways from your desktop browser.


  • Scenario 1. Edge Device Manager – Getting Started
  • Scenario 2. Manage Organization (Informational Only)
  • Scenario 3. Manage Device Configuration (Informational Only)
  • Scenario 4. Add Devices (Informational Only)
  • Scenario 5. Update Device Firmware (Informational Only)
  • Scenario 6. Monitor Device Status
  • Scenario 7. View Device Events & Alerts


Required Optional
  • Laptop with Chrome Browser

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